August 19, 2021
November 15, 2021

Peter Anthony Holder

Photo by Ivan Obolensky

Peter Anthony Holder loves to connect with people and has made a career out of having conversations with those from all walks of life. His job is simply to allow his guests to feel comfortable enough to talk openly. He wrote about many of those in his book, Great Conversations.

I had the fortune to be on The Stuph File program once again. We spoke about my new novel, Shadow of the Son. You may listen to it here.

There is a difference between interviews and conversations. An interview can be a conversation but not all conversations are interviews.  Interviews have a purpose and involve questions and answers, usually in a one-way direction. A conversation is not the same because of the status of the parties involved. A conversation begins and ends with both parties on an equal footing. The difference is subtle but important. Anything within the range of the human intellect can be discussed, and both opinions are of equal merit.

A great conversation will solidify a connection for a lifetime.

Thank you, Peter, for doing what you do.

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