Shadow of the Son Launches Today!
June 21, 2021
Peter Anthony Holder
September 1, 2021


Photo by Ivan Obolensky

I thought I would give you an update on my world. I’ve been off doing things other than writing for the last month and a half. To some, this is a sacrilege. I’ve heard it said that a writer should be writing, and if there aren’t X number of words down on paper that day, it’s a bad day. I can think with that, but I can’t write or live that way. For me, living is as much a part of writing as writing is a part of living. Besides, Life will send one messages in the form of interruptions, and these will often have a material effect on the plot, the characters, and the emotional states portrayed in the story being written. It is an odd give-and-take. For me, writing and living have to go together.

It’s about finding the proper balance. Living well is always about finding the proper balance.

Currently, I’m in the midst of two writing projects. The first is the third book in the Eye of the Moon Series. It details much of Johnny and Percy growing up together and is on the lighter side. The second is completing Songs of Rebellion. This novel has nothing to do with Rhinebeck. I simply have to get to it. It is troubling and satisfying in a deep way, and I have to come to grips with it.

One thing I learned while writing Shadow of the Son is not to start writing a new novel while in the middle of an unfinished one because the former will show up in the latter, and it might not belong there. It happened to me with Shadow. The resolution was a massive rewrite. This phenomenon might also apply more broadly in life. Unfinished business wants to be finished and will tend to show up when least expected.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to write, and I hope you do what it is you’re supposed to be doing also. Should you find yourself doing something else, enjoy that too. Life’s all about balance after all.

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