Ivan’s unusual upbringing provides the background for a fascinating American Gothic series that captures the American high society of the 1970s, weaving intrigue and the occult in a style uniquely his that will enchant the reader.

Ivan attended Buckley and The Hill School and spent a year at Lancing College in Sussex, England before attending Boston University. He wrote in his youth, but it was never a passion. That changed in 2011, when he was hired by his wife, Mary Jo, to write articles on language and current affairs for her company’s website, which were then translated into Latin American Spanish.

In 2012, Ivan attended a Long Ridge Writer’s Group course and started writing fiction under the tutelage of Tom Hyman. As their friendship developed, Tom Hyman became his editor. The short stories led the way to the novel, Eye of the Moon.

The first two books in the Eye of the Moon series are published in Latin American Spanish: El ojo de la luna and A la sombra del hijo. The third novel, Dark of the Earth, is set for release May 31st, 2024.

Ivan's hobbies include running, photography, and music.

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