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A series that could become a classic of the genre!

Rated 5 out of 5

I found this novel so captivating I couldn’t put it down. In this intricate and original plot, the reader is transported into a world of paranormal pursuits, high finance, and castle life, filled with colorful yet complex characters. The author skillfully combines a great sense of humor with insightful reflections on life and the human psyche, providing great entertainment as well as food for thought! A compelling sequel to “Eye of the Moon”.

Hélène Laurendeau

In "Shadow of the Son", the Lure of Rhinebeck Lives on!

Rated 5 out of 5

There were so many parts of “Shadow of the Son” that I truly enjoyed, more than what I’m highlighting here, but I also don’t want to spoil the story by saying too much.

First of all, what a brilliant title, “Shadow of the Son”. The use of “son” implying its homonym “sun” was clever, making the title memorable, but beyond that it carried the theme of the story. In the first book, “Eye of the Moon”, while Percy told the story from his point of view and in that sense the story revealed a lot about him, the focus and mystery revolved around Johnny’s aunt Alice. She embodied the “eye of the moon.” In the sequel, narrated again in first person from Percy’s POV, the focal point of the story shifted. Once again the suspense builds as the reader waits to see what will happen.

I loved returning to Rhinebeck with Percy and Johnny. After the first book it felt like a reunion moment for characters and readers. Stanley and Dagmar still outshone the other characters as my favorites, true for me in the first novel and true in the sequel. However, in this story their character development dove deeper with interesting revelations about their past and new emerging attributes to admire. In a few words, the author artfully captured Percy’s relationship with Dagmar: “I could have been ten years old the way she spoke to me, but I didn’t mind. She was a source of affection and attention that grounded me even now.” Dagmar never minced words. Nothing escaped her discernment. She exuded a sagacious quality that made you wish she would mentor you. The story became emotionally moving through her character, and I also felt the same way about Stanley and enjoyed seeing Percy’s relationship with him rise to a whole new level.

Bruni, and Percy’s mother, Mary, were also characters that became favorites for me. They both bared their souls to Percy, confiding in him about the darkest moments of their lives, which created rich and meaningful character development along with a deeper connection.

The romance subplot and influence of the occult were once again in play, adding intrigue to the sequel.

I’m not a fan of cliffhangers (at all), and enjoy the denouement of a novel. The author did an excellent job of tying up loose ends. Even so, when a story that you’re enjoying ends, you rather wish it wouldn’t. I felt that way about “Shadow of the Son”.

Lyn Blair