EYE OF THE MOON in audio

Carter Roy and Vanessa Richardson bring the extraordinary world of Rhinebeck to life in an audiobook. 

In a style similar to stories told around a fire or plays once heard on the radio, where you can take time from the noise of life for a unique kind of entertainment, you are invited to experience the magic of Rhinebeck.


Industry Reviews

  • Readers' Favorite
    "Eye of the Moon" by Ivan Obolensky is an intriguing story centered on the mysterious happenings at the Rhinebeck estate. We get to see in great detail the life of the affluent before things are thrown into chaos. … The narration by Carter Roy and Vanessa Richardson was well done, and I think the narrators did a wonderful job of bringing this story to light. The audio was clear, and both voice actors read with clear pronunciation and tone. … I was very pleased with the audiobook quality overall.
    Readers' Favorite
    4 stars

Reader Reviews

  • J.C.
    It has been a long time since I have been so enchanted by an audiobook. The experience of this story in narration occasionally hearkened back to the BBC Radio plays I used to enjoy, then at others I felt like I was back at Broadway, watching the two-man shows that used a minimum of staging. Then again, it was something I could not put an equal to, briefly gruesome and scary, then warm, hilarious, and tender. I had to stop listening late at night in case my sudden laughter would wake my neighbors, yet I also went through half a box of tissues, swept between variations of crying from being touched to recognizing a sort of loneliness that I had not been able to name until it was presented to me. It reminded me of "The Great Earth" and "One Hundred Years of Solitude" in the ways that I discovered a world so different to mine, yet so intimate it felt like I was coming home to myself.    
    5 stars

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