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September 22, 2022
Thoth, Thamos, and Truth
October 6, 2022


Photo by Ivan Obolensky

One of the interesting things our brain does is process the world in color. Color is not something inherent in the world. We create the colors that we perceive. More specifically, our brains and the several processing units between the eye and the brain do that. Colors do not actually exist other than in our minds. We manufacture them.

What does exist are the reflections, absorptions, and emissions of what we call light as it zips around us. The human eye omits a great deal of that radiation and restricts our sight to a narrow band, or spectrum, that has deep red at one end and bluish purple at the other.

Our ability to see color allows us to view the world in a way that is brilliant, vibrant, and radiant.  Seeing in color is a great gift that not all living creatures possess. Lucky for us, we do.

Perhaps we’re all artists after all.

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