Cristina Echavarría Usher Testimonial
September 4, 2017
Vanessa Richardson Testimonial
September 12, 2017

Marcela Dutra Mohr-Bell Testimonial

I enjoyed Eye of the Moon immensely and hope Obolensky intends to give us a sequel. The style reminded me of the Victorian and early 20th century books that I love so much.

The description of the setting was so well done, I could really picture that old place in my mind. I like to be able to follow characters as they move around! The characters themselves I found to be totally satisfying, who first appear to be stereotypical and evolve into complex and profound personalities, reacting in unusual though entirely credible ways.

The supernatural elements were gripping and blended in very well with the rest; I do like a good dollop of the ‘unknown’ in my stories!