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September 12, 2017
Dr. Patricia Alireza Testimonial
September 13, 2017

Tom Hyman Testimonial

Eye of the Moon is a rare and authentic glimpse inside the hidden world of America’s upper class—that small and exclusive society of the super-rich and powerful. This story covers the events of a shockingly dramatic weekend at one of the country’s great estates—one that starts out as a genteel and elegant celebration of an anniversary, and then mysteriously degenerates into a series of cutthroat battles, pitting family members and friends against one another as hidden betrayals and long-suppressed secrets surrounding the death of family member, come to light—revelations that threaten to destroy not only personal reputations, but devastate individual lives socially, financially, and professionally.

For Percy, the story’s narrator, the stakes could not be higher. He finds himself not only trapped in the thick of these ugly confrontations, but actually to be the ultimate cause of them. He realizes that fate has chosen him and him alone to figure out some way to prevent this weekend from Hell from destroying everyone and everything around him, stripping him of his family ties, costing him the loss of the most enduring and meaningful friendship in his life, and causing the woman he loves to turn away from him.

Plan to stay up late. Once you get caught up in this extraordinary drama you’ll find it hard to put it down. In ambiance it rivals Downton Abbey, but the plot tells a far more intense and shocking story.