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October 23, 2017
Interview with Tom Hyman, Part I
November 2, 2017

Revisiting So, You Want to Change the World?

Why do certain aspects of our lives stay the same when we want to change them? We find it difficult to lose weight, step outside our comfort zones, or even change our schedules. Individuals are not the only ones who find change difficult. Corporations, economies, markets, and even governments encounter these issues. Legitimate concerns are often raised and nothing happens.

It’s as if there is some force preventing us from changing and not surprisingly, such an extraordinary force exists. It’s called “homeostasis” and it is found at the cellular level, the multicellular level, and at all levels of organization even to those that are global in nature, such as weather and economics.

Homeostasis describes a system’s tendency to regulate itself internally and thus resist alterations brought about by the environment in which it operates. It derives from the Greek homos, meaning similar, and stasis, standing still. . . .

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