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October 19, 2017
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October 27, 2017

Eye of the Moon Now Available to Preorder

For a limited time, preorder Eye of the Moon in hardcover, paperback and eBook!

Preorders close January 12th. All paperbacks and hardcovers will be mailed ten business days before launch, and you can get a personalized bookplate for hardcovers so they are signed.


  1. SILVIA says:

    How much are the Hardcover and the paperbacks? How can it be paid? Please advise.

    • Joanna says:

      Hi Silvia. The hardcover is $27.99 and the paperback is $16.99. We ship ten business days from launch (January 23rd) so it’s likely the book would arrive before the official release date. You’re based in Mexico, so you wouldn’t purchase through the usual shop. I’ll email you with the details.

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