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March 29, 2018
Los Angeles Times Festival of Books: April 21st to 22nd
April 9, 2018

Library Reading

I did my first book reading as an author on March 28th at the Glendale Central Library, Arts & Culture. I have been to a few book readings. I recall seeing Neil Gaiman at the Alex Theater in Glendale. It was a sold-out show with hundreds of people. I went to a reading by Isabel Allende, which was life-changing for me as a writer. I dreamed of a day I might do the same. My reading was more modest than either, but it was my first.

What struck me most was that I had so much to say that I wanted to but couldn’t. There was the alchemy of the reader-writer relationship, magic, and what it means to be inspired. Time was one restraint. It always is. The other was that it was a book reading not a lecture.

Ultimately, all writers must embrace the principle that what a writer wants to say intellectually must be captured and demonstrated in the story. After all, how else can a writer enter the reader’s heart and create an experience that is unique?

For those that attended, I am thankful that you did. I value the connections that were made, and always will.

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