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December 1, 2017
December 15, 2017

Interview on “Eye of the Moon”

I asked Ivan for some insights into his novel, Eye of the Moon.

Tell me about the women in the novel. They are strong, independent, intelligent, and beautiful. What inspired you?

I like strong, independent, intelligent, beautiful women. I admire them.

Starting with the rise of the Abrahamic religions, there has been a tendency toward a patriarchal society rather than a matriarchal one, and this has tended to put women in a lesser role. In many species, the societies among social animals are matriarchal. One is not necessarily superior to the other, hence I believe in an equal balance. Secondly, despite the apparent predominance of the patriarchal society, if one looks closely throughout history, one finds a strong female influence in the background helping guide, counsel, and manage the male partner. The women are rarely mentioned, but they are there, and their guidance has been crucial to the acquisition and maintenance of financial and governmental power.

In the novel, strong women and men complement the other by bringing to the relationships unique and important elements.

Percy and Johnny have a very rich friendship. Why did you make that relationship so central to the novel?

I think everybody would like to have a friend. I mean a really good one. I suppose I wrote what I would have liked to have experienced growing up. I of course wondered why I didn’t have such a friendship and that started me examining the issues of trust, friendship, and how they are formed, as well as how they fall apart. How does one make a friend? What happens if that friendship is betrayed? Who is to blame? Perhaps the friendship should never have been formed in the first place? I also looked at the difference between a partnership and a friendship. Both are contractual but in different ways. The novel takes up both of those themes.


Photo by Ivan Obolensky

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  1. SILVIA says:

    To be honest with you I can’t wait any longer to read your book.

    From my heart I wish you huge success with it.

    Thank you for your thoughts

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