June 16, 2022
On the Spot with Ivan Obolensky
July 1, 2022

Event at Otraparte

I wish to thank the many people who participated in and helped produce the livestreaming release event from Otraparte of A la sombra del hijo in Colombia. Particularly warm and special thanks go to Otraparte: Gustavo, Pedro, and Lucia; to Constanza, Ricardo, and Mary Jo for being there with me; to Ana, Jose, Germán, Hernán, Michael, Val, and the attendees who helped make it so successful, because it was successful. The presentation flowed smoothly and was well produced. I particularly enjoyed answering the questions because those moments allowed me to connect in a wonderful way with interested readers. Both questions and answers were spontaneous and unscripted, which contributed to the magic and the aliveness of the event. So, thank you!

For those that didn’t catch it, watch it now. It is mostly bilingual.

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