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April 28, 2020
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May 12, 2020

Changing States

If one finds oneself in trouble, beset by problems from every side, and filled with doubts and uncertainties, it is nonetheless possible to do something about the situation.

Solving problems and difficulties begins with a shift as subtle as a whisper. All change starts with an idea. To start, one must shift one’s point of view.

Being mired in a problem is the problem. One must move the issue out of one’s head and into the world where it belongs.

To do that, one must change one’s state. I learned this from Tony Robbins.

What is a state? A state is how things are with you. Sitting down or standing, sad or happy, tired or hungry, thirsty or not, blasted or sober, hot or cold, that is your state.

Want to feel better? Change your state.

Stand up, sit down, have a coffee, look at the ceiling. It really doesn’t matter what you do just change what you’re seeing. When you feel different, you will see life differently.

This takes practice. It is a skill.

The difficulty I noticed is to remember to change one’s state to begin with. That is hard.

Perhaps a Post-It note?


  1. Art Watanabe says:

    Hi Ivan,
    This is good advice, as I’m an expert in wallowing in whatever state I’m in!

    Take care,

    • Hi Art,
      I know exactly what you mean. Once you’re in the state of wallowing, or any state that may not be optimum, it is hard to recognize that you’re in it. Besides once you recognize the wallow and envisage a better state, one is no longer wallowing. It’s one of those circular paradoxes. Hence the post it note . The only problem with post its is who reads them all anyway except when you’re not wallowing? Such a conundrum.

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